How to Activate a Study

The Office of Clinical Trials Activation is here to help you with Study Start-up. The Operations team facilitates the start-up process within OCTA and is your point of contact for status updates.  

  • For general queries, please email [email protected] or call 415-514-4998.
  • For budget creation and negotiation services, calendar build, and/or coverage analysis, please complete the OCTA Intake Form (Clinical Trials Activation Request Form).
  • For status updates after completing the OCTA Intake Form, please view the OCTA Task List in OnCore or email the Operations team at [email protected].

   Please note that the study should be submitted to the IRB when submitted to OCTA.

   Below lists the minimum documents required for submissions to OCTA:

Non-Industry Sponsored Studies: Protocol, draft Consent Form, funding document (any kind of document that shows proof of funding) 

Industry Sponsored Studies: Protocol, draft Consent Form, Sponsor Budget (draft), Contract (draft)


  • To register for an OnCore account or for OnCore training options, please see the OnCore Account Creation and Training page.
  • For OnCore Support, please contact [email protected] or call 415-502-2962.
  • For questions about study billing / research revenue, please contact Maria Mason.
  • To request an APeX build, please complete the APeX New Study Build Request Form.
    • Before requesting an ApeX build, be sure that:
      •  OCTA has finalized your Coverage Analysis. The Quick Reference Guide is here.
      • The Protocol status cannot be "New". The IRB approval information MUST be recorded in OnCore:  The Quick Reference guide is here.
      • Consent Form(s) names MUST be listed in the OnCore Protocol record:  The Quick Reference guide is here.
      • Accurate Institutions and Study sites are entered into OnCore: The Quick Reference guide is here.