OnCore Financials for CRCs

HDFCCC and Department of Medicine Leadership have decided to use OnCore Financials to manage post-award for all new, industry sponsored HemeOnc studies activated after July 1, 2022. RFAs from HemeOnc will no longer create new RECON sheets! An OCTA analyst will contact you if your study will be part of OnCore Financials.

What is OnCore Financials?
Financials is a module within OnCore that builds upon the pre-activation calendar and coverage analysis build. By configuring the executed budget within Financials, Post-Award activities can be done without the duplicative data entry done in the RECON sheet. CRCs can perform subject enrollment and visit tracking per current practice and only need to denote additional procedures. RECON sheets no longer need to be maintained by the study team. Below is a high-level onboarding overview:

What do I need to do as a CRC?
1. Complete a one-time 15 minute OnCore Financials Training for CRCs on the UCSF LMS.
2. Attend the Financials kickoff call to review your specific study with the RFA and OnCore analyst before the 1st visit.

Why use OnCore Financials?
1. Reduces duplicative, manual data-entry for study teams.
2. Improves visit tracking, post-award visibility, and workflows by using same system. 
3. Improves post-award management and analysis capabilities by using OnCore compared to using individual study specific Excel files.
4. Improves UCSF's research billing compliance posture by leveraging coverage analysis.

Contact the OnCore Helpdesk at [email protected] or 415.502.2962.