OnCore Resources

UC Learning Center eLearning Modules

  1. OnCore Introduction
  2. OnCore Subject Enrollment Training
  3. OnCore: Data Export and Reports
  4. Introduction to APeX for CRCs
  5. The CRC and the Research Study

Quick Guides

  1. Linking Encounters in APeX 
  2. Document an IRB Review
  3. Add a Reviewed Consent Form Name
  4. Update Open to Accrual Date
  5. Update Study Sites - Recording Participating Institutions and Study Sites
  6. BCHO Study Specific Guide: How to Open A Study to Accrual in OnCore
  7. Accessing OnCore Task Lists
  8. Managing Subject Calendar Versions
  9. Pre-Consent Workflow
  10. OnCore Navigation & Adding a Widget

OnCore/APeX Interface Information

  1. OnCore Subject Enrollment Tabs: Required Fields
  2. Participant Status Mapping Across OnCore-APeX Interface
  3. OnCore - APeX Race/Ethnicity Mappings
  4. Matrix for Where to Make Changes to Your Study
  5. CRC Process Map: New Study Subject Consented
  6. CRC Process Map: Subject Eligible, On/Off Study, On/Off Treatment, On Follow Up, Has Upcoming Visit
  7. CRC Process Map: Subject Visit Missed or Changed, CRC Entered Erroneous Visit Information
  8. Job Aid: Common Billing Tasks

OnCore/iRIS Interface Information

  1. iRIS to OnCore Integration Quick Guide
  2. iRIS to OnCore Integration Overview 

OCTA Tableau Dashboards

The OCTA dashboards track progress, status, and performance of activation activities of studies entered in OnCore. UCSF staff can create a customized report to be sent to your inbox. Using your UCSF My Access Credentials, find details on the dashboards, how to gain access and training quick guides at OCTA Tableau Dashboards - OnCore Wiki - Wiki@UCSF.

Current Activation Pipeline Dashboard (CAPDash)